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7 Series | Glute Strengthening For Runners

Jon Grayson

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7 workouts | 7 mins | 7 exercises

Glute Strengthening For Runners is the 6th instalment of our 7 Series. A series of 7 workouts, each 7 minutes long with 7 exercises in each. These short and manageable conditioning programmes aim at making you stronger, improve your running efficiency and ultimately help injury prevention. They include exercises to help with:

We’ve developed a simple 7 minute workout tailored to runners.

After a good 8 hours sleep that leaves 16 hours of the day. 960 minutes per day. 6720 minutes in the week. Just 7 minutes out of 6720 can improve your running and help reduce your chance of injury. I’d say that’s worth a go!

7 Series | Glute Strengthening For Runners

Current research shows us that strength training for runners improves running efficiency. The gluteal muscles in particular are very important, stabilising the pelvis while running and taking up to 2-3 times your bodyweight in force every step!

This dispels the myths that strength work increases your body weight and slows you down. Completely the opposite. Your muscles and tendons are your bodies springs. The better they work the less force is placed on your joints. In this video we’ve targeted the main muscle groups used when you run.

Glue Strengthening For Runners Workout

You can repeat the 7 minute workout 2 or 3 times if you’re feeling good. Or try it out more than once in the week between runs.

As with all these exercises, if you experience pain at any point do not carry on and push through. Seek advice from a Physio. To help you recognise good pain vs bad pain take a look at our recent blog here

Look out for our next instalment in the 7 Series coming soon

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