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It is likely that you will experience a headaches – anything from a mild ache to a full-blown migraine. Physiotherapy can relieve tension and restore movement that can contribute to headaches.

Does The Perfect Posture Exist?

Are you sitting comfortably…because in one word the answer is, NO! Posture | The Myths If you type into Google...

Jon Grayson

Headaches | Physiotherapy Can Help

Headaches Headaches can be a painful and debilitating condition for many people. If you have experienced a headache before, you...

Johnny Cassidy

Working From Home

Many of us are now working from home. Following the COVID 19 pandemic, working practices have changed for many of...

Johnny Cassidy

Pain relief | over the counter medication

Paul and Johnny have recently returned to university in order to be able to prescribe medication for pain relief. This...

Johnny Cassidy