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Studio rehabilitation

If you have had a procedure like an injection or surgery, you will be aware the this is only the start of the journey. In the period of time after a procedure, it is essential to restore movement, strengthening the muscles and rehabilitate for your everyday life - everything from returning to the office, chasing after the grandchildren or getting back to the gym or the sport you enjoy.

We have a highly skilled team of physiotherapists and exercise professionals ready to help. All of our clinicians have many years’ clinical experience and are regularly updating their skills through courses and training.


The resources below cover the basics of MSK examination for the neck, shoulder and lumbar spine. A more comprehensive guide is presented as part of our workshops that run throughout the year.

We are acutely aware of the road that leads to eventually needing surgery or a joint replacement. This is usually a lengthy period of time characterised with a decline in your physical ability and marked with pain.

It is vital that you access expert care to recover from the operation and to restore your physical ability.

Much like the considerations for surgery, pain and dysfunction proceed the need for an injection. We will never offer a joint or soft tissue injection in isolation. It is important the recovery your movement and strength following an injection.

We are pleased to be able to offer a package of 6 sessions of rehabilitation for the discounted (25%) rate. Over the years we have found 6 sessions to be optimum – initially commencing with weekly input of hands-on therapy and rehabilitation exercises. We then space the sessions out for patients to work on their rehab at home.

Adam Shepherd is our in-house strength and conditioning coach for any patients who want to transition to a gym-based programme or have more advanced rehabilitation goals.

Rehabilitation resources

We will commenced your rehabilitation with a comprehensive consultation and a plan based around your goals for recovery. For now though, feel free to have a look at the resources below.

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