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Physiotherapy Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Physiotherapy is the primary treatment for lower back pain. It is particularly effective in the treatment of mechanical pain, which makes up approximately 85% of cases.

Physiotherapy Treatment Options

Physiotherapy does not just consist of being issued sheet after sheet of exercises. There are plenty more ways that an experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist can help. The treatment that is recommended for you, will be dependent upon the outcome of your initial assessment.

Read on below to find out how The Physios can help you.

Manual Therapy

This is the term that we apply to ‘hands-on’ physiotherapy treatment. This might include joint mobilisations, massage or manipulation. When performed by an experienced physiotherapist, these treatments can have pain relieving effects which in turn can produce increases in flexibility and function.


Pilates is a popular form of exercise which has been shown to be effective in the management of lower back pain. It involves performing a series of controlled movements, with the aim of improving strength, posture, flexibility and balance. It is a form of exercise suitable for complete beginners to elite athletes. Pilates exercises can be incorporated as part of your treatment programme, or you can attend Pilates specific sessions either for one to one tuition, or as part of a small group. Read more about Pilates here.

Exercise Rehabilitation

Physiotherapists specialise in exercise prescription. Certain exercises might be appropriate for one person, but detrimental to another. Therefore it’s important to seek a professional opinion to find out which exercises are most appropriate for you. The programme of exercises prescribed will depend upon the outcome of your assessment. A lower back exercise programme will commonly consist of a combination of stretches, strengthening, and Pilates based exercises.


Several of the physiotherapists at The Physios are qualified in acupuncture. Acupuncture (which involves inserting very fine needles into various points around the body), has been found to be an effective means of pain relief in cases of lower back pain, especially when combined with exercise and other advice.

General Injury Advice and Education

Getting the right advice early on after symptoms start can have huge implications for the speed of recovery and gives you the best chance of avoiding the development of persistent pain. Often when people come to see us, they don’t know what to do for the best. We’re commonly asked questions such as; should I rest completely, or push through the pain? Should I take pain killers- won’t that just mask the pain? As musculoskeletal injury specialists, we are perfectly placed to answer all these questions and give you the right advice to help you get back to full fitness as quickly as possible.

Posture Advice for Lower Back Pain

Sustaining poor postures for prolonged periods of time can contribute to the development of, or affect the ability to recover from, an episode of lower back pain. An experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist can look at the postures that you adopt on a daily basis and provide the best advice on how this can be improved to reduce the strain on your lower back. Read more about ‘the perfect posture’ here.

Pain Relief for Lower Back Pain

Often when we are in pain, we move in an atypical way. Trying to maintain normal movement as much as possible, is a key contributing factor to a quick recovery from lower back pain. Simple over the counter (OTC) pain killers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen can be very effective in helping to manage pain, subsequently helping you maintain normal movement and recover more quickly.

A physiotherapist will be able to advise you on whether your condition is best managed with OTC medication, or whether you need to see your GP to be prescribed something stronger. If you struggle to get an appointment with your GP, here at The Physios we have independent prescribers; in other words, physiotherapists that have undertaken the necessary training to be able to issue a prescription without the need to contact your GP.


Physiotherapy treatment for lower back pain is not just being given a list of generic exercises. There are many ways that an expert musculoskeletal physiotherapist can help. Get in touch today to arrange an assessment with one of our experienced clinicians and receive treatment tailored to your specific lower back pain needs.