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STPGP opportunities

As we presented at the GPSTP sessions, Paul and Johnny are musculoskeletal medicine enthusiasts and have been involved in teaching post-graduate courses and seminars for doctors and physiotherapists for many years. Each year, the feedback we receive from the GPSTP sessions consistently highlight that more practical time would have been useful or a more focused session on a particular section such as, neck or hip. These are fair comments as each one of these sessions as part of the Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine courses last at least a day!

We are also aware that GPs in primary care are extremely pushed for time, particularly if we you add study and preparation for the STP programme into the mix. Therefore we are pleased to be able to offer small group focused sessions and 1:1 observational experience should you wish to develop your MSK reasoning and examination techniques further.

Small group focused sessions

We have had lots of conversations during our STP sessions that short, focussed sessions would be useful to concentrate on one area or specific joint. During these 2 hour sessions we:

– revise the basic examination and add special diagnostic tests to confirm your diagnosis 

– discuss a wider range of effective management strategies

– present evidenced based, gold standard diagnostic imaging and referral option

– give a brief overview of advanced practices such as injection therapy

We would be more than happy to host a small groups here at The Physios or can come to your GP practice to lead the session. This can often make up a CPD session for your wider team. Our only caveat is that we require a minimum of 6 people to run these sessions.

The best bit – these sessions are completely free of charge!

1:1 observational experience

As clinicians we often learn best by seeing the process in real time. This is particularly true when it comes to MSK examination. These observational opportunities involve:

– joining us for a clinical session here at The Physios

– observing us assess and manage real patients in real time

– the opportunity to observe lots of different MSK examinations

– lots of opportunity to discuss our clinical findings and management strategies

– discussion of advanced management strategies such Injections of Shockwave Therapy

Katharine recently completed the STP sessions but managed to make some time in her diary to join us one afternoon to observe our clinic. She reports:

Following on from the VTS MSK session The Physios put on for us, I found this so useful and interesting that I decided to spend a bit more time with them. This was to not only to try to consolidate my knowledge on joint examinations, but also to see what physios actually do in practice.

They very kindly agreed to let me come observe them for an afternoon and I found this invaluable. I refer many of my patients to physio but without knowing exactly what physiotherapy involves. It was interesting to see the therapeutic exercises they do for various conditions, and how instant the results can be!

I also had the opportunity to cover examination of the hip, which was one area not covered in the VTS session (due to not enough time). They were open to 1:1 teaching to cover any gaps in my knowledge that I wanted to go over.

Also, if you manage to go on a Friday afternoon, you can join in on their beer club – a social 30 mins at the end of the week to catch up with each other and drink beer!

I would very much recommend spending some time with The Physios!

Katharine, GP trainee

I’m interested – how do I arrange a session?

Spending some time observing us in clinic is relatively straightforward to organise and we can accommodate request almost every day including Monday or Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. A small group session takes a little more organising so just drop Johnny a quick email to arrange: [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you soon

Paul and Johnny