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What Is Run Lab?

Run Lab | 1 Hour | 3 Ways To Stay Injury Free

Sheffield’s running community is one of the largest in the UK and its getting bigger! Importantly our Run Lab assessment and Runner’s Hub resource aim to keep this community running pain free.

Run Lab

Following current events a lot of the UK population has developed an urgent need for simple but effective physical exercise and a mental release. Therefore, the already hundreds of runners we have seen over the years is quickly growing.

A simple assessment for the beginner runner.

Run Lab is aimed at the masses and not the elite. It includes firstly, running gait analysis. Secondly, running strengthening exercises. Thirdly, running plan prescriptions.

Typically, 65-80% of recreational runners get injured each year. Usually this involves 1 of the top 5 running injuries. Pain during running and pain after running are very common complaints for the beginner runner. Usually this comes down to simple faults in 1 or more of the 3 elements we look at during our 1 hour Run Lab assessment. In conclusion, it is nothing too technical or complicated but just doing the simple things well can make a significant difference to your running.

Run Lab’s 3 Key Components

Form | The Big Picture
Run Lab
  • Video analysis of your running gait
  • Spot any biomechanical faults contributing to your pain or problem
  • Run Lab aims to tackle your persistent running injury such as Runners Knee, Shin Splints, Plantar Fasciitis, ITB friction syndrome and Achilles tendinopathy
  • Select simple technique tips to improve your efficiency
  • Find out more here
Condition | Pieces Of The Puzzle
  • Assess your current condition
  • Functional Movement Screening tests to spot any stiff or weak areas
  • Run Lab helps prevent repetitive strain injuries and keep persistent niggles at bay such as joint pain, muscle pain, leg pain
  • Develop tailored strength training for runners
  • Find out more here
Regime | Your Weekly Routine
  • Advice and planning of your weekly running plan
  • From simple weekly regime advice and keeping fit, to marathon training plans
  • Spot any faults in your weekly regime that may have caused or contributed to your injury
  • Help to set out and achieve any specific running goals
  • Find out more here

To book an appointment online click here. Alternatively call 01142678181 or email [email protected]

**In order to attend Run Lab you will need to be able to run for approx 5 mins on a treadmill. Please bring appropriate clothing i.e. shorts/leggings/trainers**

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