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Running Injuries | What Are The Top 5?

Running Injuries

Running injuries are extremely common, especially among beginner and recreational runners. Believe it or not, we are all designed to run. In fact, it was running to catch food and escape predators that fine-tuned our physical make up, giving our bodies the credentials to be able to run for long distances should the need arise. That ‘need’ may have changed over the years…but…is becoming more popular by the day!

More people than ever before are running for physical fitness and mental wellbeing. In fact, according to Sport England, more than 2 million people are running at least once a week in the UK. Sheffield’s running community is one of the largest in the UK and its getting bigger! Importantly our Run Lab assessment and Runner’s Hub resource aim to keep this community running pain free.

Typically, 65-80% of recreational runners get injured each year.

McDougall 2009

Unfortunately, despite having the ability to run for long distances, 65-80% of runners get injured each year. Out of 2 million, that’s an incredible amount. Typically, this is mostly made up of beginner and recreational runners. Pain during running and pain after running are very common complaints for the beginner runner. Knee pain when running, shin pain when running, and foot & ankle pain when running are the most common symptoms.

Top 5 Running Injuries

1. Runner’s Knee

Accounting for up to 25-30% of all running injuries. Runner’s Knee, or to give it it’s medical term, Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS), is number 1 on the list. Hence the name.

2. Shin Splints

Approximately 20% of running injuries are due to Shin Splints. This is an umbrella term for any pain in the shin during running. Usually this is due to Medial or Anterior Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS or ATSS).

3. Achilles Tendinopathy

10% of running injuries are brought about due to Achilles Tendinopathy. Most commonly this occurs in the mid-tendon but can come as a result of insertional Achilles pain.

4. Plantar Fasciitis

80% of all heel pain is down to Plantar Fasciitis. A very common complaint that now makes up 10% of all running injuries.

5. ITB Friction Syndrome

Most seasoned runners will be familiar with the Ilio-tibial Band. An extremely important structure for runners but something can cause pain on the outside of the knee, and accounts for up to 10% of all running injuries.

Why Do Runners Commonly Get Injured?

Running is a repetitive, loaded activity. 9 times out of 10 running injuries are caused by overloading. Essentially receptive strain injuries. As we mentioned in our previous Runner’s Hub blogs there are 3 key elements that make up an efficient, injury free runner:

  1. Form
  2. Condition
  3. Regime

Commonly if there is a fault in just 1 element this can increase the risk of running injuries. Our Run Lab assessment is aimed at the masses, not the elite. A simple assessment for runners of any level that aims to spot these faults before they even become a problem. More information on this and other running-related topics can be found on our Runner’s Resource page.

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